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TOSHIBA Contact Number (855)948-3701 for Support in US, Canada

toshiba contact for usa canada
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This entire article is about Toshiba’s customer support details and we hope it has helped you! If you find the above information to be inaccurate, do not hesitate to tell us. If you have better ways to get in touch with Toshiba customer support, please let us and our valuable readers know!

Finding support for Toshiba & it’s related products

Best way to find official Toshiba contact number for US or Canada

Best way to find official Toshiba contact numbers for the US or Canada is to contact them using their phone number and navigate to their support page for further details.

Before you proceed further with the details of Toshiba’s customer support, it’s important to know something about the company. Toshiba is one of the leading manufacturers of many electric and electronic products. The company was founded in 1875 and is headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

Coming back to our topic, we advise being ready with your item’s model number, issue name, service tag, and other details before placing any call. You can get immediate help from the customer support of Toshiba by dialing the numbers given below:

  • For the US- 800-631-3811
  • For Canada- 800-618-4444

Technical support representatives will assist you in resolving your issue. To provide better service, they may ask you to run some self-diagnostic tests on your system, report the error code, error messages, etc.

Toshiba laptops are the best in market.

Top 10 reasons for customers to contact Toshiba support number

Top 10 reasons for customers to contact Toshiba support numbers are:

1.    The problem in laptops- Toshiba is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and reliable laptops. If your Toshiba laptop is not performing as proposed, then you need to call on Toshiba’s customer support number.

2.    The complication in Television sets- The TVs of Toshiba are durable and long-lasting. In case your Toshiba TV set gives you any trouble, you can call Toshiba customer support and get your issue resolved.

3.    An issue in projectors- Toshiba manufactures a broad range of high-quality projectors suitable for big seminars in MNCs. Hardly any projector of Toshiba undergoes a problem or complications. Still, if you face any problems before a seminar, you can contact Toshiba customer support and get it resolved quickly.

4.    Video & consumer electronics- Video and consumer electronics are also one of the beneficial products offered by Toshiba. Toshiba ensures 100% efficiency and zero damages while manufacturing the products, but because of some technical issues or while in transit, the product may undergo some wear and tear or minor damage. If that’s your trouble, you have a reason to contact.

5.    Problems with external hard drives- Toshiba manufacture wide-range of external hard drives designed for multiple purposes. If your Toshiba external hard drive is giving you troubles, then consider calling the support number.

6.    Printers, faxes, Scanners- High-quality printers, faxes, and scanners of Toshiba are tough and hardly go any wear and tear. If you’re facing any issues with Toshiba printers, faxes, or scanners; consider calling on customer support number; while some issues need to be taken to the service center. For both the options, you need to talk with the customer service representatives and gather necessary details.

7.    Warranty – If you want to renew your Toshiba product’s warranty, you can call on Toshiba customer support and achieve the same. If there is any other issue related to same, try reaching Toshiba customer support.

8.    Semi-conductors and Electronics- Buying semi-conductor and electronic products are one of the most sensitive tasks to perform. Toshiba offers you the best quality of semiconductors and electronics. However, sometimes semiconductor and electronic devices may face some trouble and troubleshoot can be easily accomplished calling on customer support number.

9.    Problems in transport and automation systems- Toshiba offers advanced and useful transport and automation systems. If you are facing any issues – minor or major- with these systems, you can get it resolved on a phone call with the experts.

10.    The issue with UPS and power systems- Rapid battery drainage and insufficiency are common problems in UPS and power systems. If you are facing any trouble with Toshiba UPS and power systems, either take it to the service center or give a call on the support number.

Although Toshiba puts customer satisfaction as a priority, you can expect better customer service experience both on phone call and in service centers.

TOSHIBA Number to Contact
Incredible list of toshiba laptops & ways to find toshiba contact for assistance

What is the best Toshiba number to contact in the US or Canada?

The best toll-free number to contact Toshiba is 800-631-3811. Toshiba technical support representatives can ask you for your model number and other basic product details, so we advise being handy with them. You don’t have to wait in the queue for the call to get connected.


What is the best Toshiba number to contact in US or Canada

Toshiba phone number & other alternative options to find support is to visit their online website and navigate through the SUPPORT page. In case you cannot reach Toshiba by calling on the above number, you can Live Chat with the support center and be ready with your support number, model number, and other basic details for good support experience.

Toshiba updates, upgrades, cancellation & refunds

How to update, upgrade, or cancel your Toshiba services?

If your Toshiba product is not performing as expected, it means you have not upgraded it. You need to upgrade your Toshiba electronic products software or firmware by following ways:

1.    Click on START and type MSCONFIG.EXE in the start search box and then press ENTER to start your Toshiba system configuration utility.

2.    Click on the Startup tab and then click uncheck Startup list.

3.    Click OK and then click RESTART.

4.    If you fail then let Toshiba know your issue!

TOSHIBA Contact Number US And CA
TOSHIBA Contact Number US And CA

In case you have received the wrong Toshiba product or damaged Toshiba product, you can return it to Toshiba. If technical team verifies your product to be defective and is covered under the limited warranty, you can contact the repair center at 1-877-689-4899 and refund/replacement procedure will be followed. They could ask you for your address for replacement/return purpose. Coming to refund, they will process it after they receive the product and you can expect the money within 3-5 working days.

That’s all about Toshiba’s customer support details and we hope it has helped you! If you find the above information to be inaccurate, do not hesitate to tell us. If you have better ways to get in touch with Toshiba customer support, please let us and our valuable readers know!

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