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Best way to find official Comcast contact number for the US or Canada

comcast contact number

Fast and speedy telecommunication services speed up your business greatly. Getting connected to the Worldwide Web is the most significant and imperative process to gain more leads and do more business.

If you are searching for a better and reliable telecommunication service provider, then Comcast is the best option to choose. Comcast Corporation, previously known as Comcast Holdings, is an American telecommunications company with its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which was founded on June 28th, 1963.

With its continuous dedicated services, Comcast is now trending as the second-largest broadcasting and cable television service provider in the Globe by revenue. The company also produces feature films and many television programs that are supremely designed for theatrical exhibition all over the air. The company also owns Xfinity housing cable communications subsidiary. MSNBC, CNBC, USA Network, Syfy, NSCSN, and E! are some cable-only channels provided by the company.

Comcast offers many products such as Internet services that include Business Internet, WIFI-pro, Connection pro, Gig Speed Network, and Ethernet dedicated internet. It also provides phone services to its cherished clients. One of the trendiest products of Comcast is TV services which include Business TV, Public TV, and Private TV. Smart office is also one of the unique products offered by Comcast. They also deal with cloud solutions! With such popular products being launched to the market, there is a need for an efficient customer support service to help people take advantage of all these products.

If you are looking for Comcast number to contact, then in this article, we will discuss various Comcast contact numbers and other ways to reach its support.

To find the official Comcast support number, first, open its official website. After navigating into the domain of Comcast, on the top of the website, you will find PRODUCTS and beside it SUPPORT. Here, you can find all the queries highlighted with radio buttons to click and go inside it. Clicking on the same radio button you can easily redirect your presence to the next required page, where you can get the resolution to your issues.

Top 10 reasons for customers to contact Comcast support number

Comcast contact number

Comcast has always tried its best to provide quality services, but, in case you feel that they lack somewhere or you are facing some issues to which you need an instant solution, you need to dial Comcast contact number. In this section, we will look at the ten reasons to call Comcast support.

  1. To learn how you can visit your account online– If you want to know more about your new Comcast product and service, then you can always visit its website and log in using your account details. In case, you cannot do so, you can always contact Comcast support number or Browse to the specific help topic to get support from the experts about the detailed procedure of how to visit your account online.
  2. Change or retrieve your password- Changing or retrieving the password is one of the most common issues in this digital world. If you have forgotten your Comcast password, then you can contact Comcast support number and retrieve the password or even change it.
  3. How to make a payment? – Some of us are well-acquainted with how to make a secure online payment with Comcast, while some don’t know the procedures and steps of completing the payment procedure. Then, consider calling Comcast contact number as the experts there can explain to you how to make online secure payments and can also assist you with by providing on-call guidance.
  4. Internet Troubleshoot– Facing the problem with your Comcast internet connection? Is your Internet connection getting slow in your area? Call the Comcast support team and ask the experts to check issues in your locality and get your internet running as usual.
  5. Troubleshoot with your Comcast TV- Having a problem with your Comcast Television connection? Get instant support from the pro technicians of Comcast by dialing the Comcast phone number. Sometime, because of bad weather or other technical difficulties, the TV cable services might get interrupted, which you can get resolved by calling the technicians at Comcast.
  6. Voice support- If you are using Comcast phone, then sometimes you might face issues related to your phone! In such cases, you can easily get-in-touch with customer support of Comcast, tell your issues, and get immediate help from them.
  7. Repairs and installation- In this section of support, you can comprehend the procedure of installing Comcast products. You can get instruction on how the technician can visit you and get your product installed and same goes for repair service too.
  8. Help with cloud solutions- Here you can get help with managing your subscription, accessing information about your billing, and resetting your Microsoft Office 365 password. Call Comcast support number and get your cloud-related problems resolved!
  9. Support for Smart office of Comcast- In this section, you can learn more about Smart office of Comcast Business and also know more about the smart office portal, the home page, and playback video options. If you are using the smart office of Comcast and facing some issue, you will get the best Comcast number to contact in this article soon!
  10. Billing issues–If you are charged unfairly or have any other queries regarding billing, then you can call Comcast contact number and get it resolved!

What is the best Comcast number to contact in the US or Canada?

Comcast support

The best Comcast number to contact is (855)948-3701. Dialing this number, you can easily get-in-touch with Comcast Business representatives. They are skilled enough to troubleshoot your Comcast support issues within minimum time. Ask questions related to Comcast and get an instant answer from support representatives.

If you are using Comcast for business, then visit and look for the top-right header section for the Comcast contact number for businesses. You can also check offers available for your enterprises.

Also, make sure to describe your issue crisply and clearly for better support.

Comcast phone number & other alternative options to find support

In case you are unable to contact a Comcast phone number, then you can always try the alternatives. Online Chat with Comcast support is the best alternative that can help you resolve your issues. If you prefer email communication, then you can also mail your issues at the official mail ID of Comcast- {EMAIL ID}.

What could be better than getting your query solved online? Comcast Live Chat is a relatively quick and easy option to seek help. Its current wait time is 5 minutes and is available Monday to Friday from 7 AM–8 PM and Saturday 8 AM–5 PM EST. To chat live, visit

Other than Comcast phone number, live chat is also used to handle Billing, Service Outrage, Streaming or Download Trouble, Equipment Trouble, Cancel Service, and general customer service query.

You can also visit Comcast’s forums, FAQs, or Online Help Desk to get your query solved. It is a community of Comcast users and enthusiasts who come together to help each other. You can search for your problem in the FAQ and save a lot of time. Also, online help desk provides solutions to several general queries. The average wait time here is 7 hours and the busiest time is 10:45 AM.


If you want to utilize the power of social media, then you can also contact Comcast support team on Twitter. Their Twitter support handle is @comcastcares where they respond to the queries tweeted to them. The best time to tweet is 2:45 PM and 37,905 customers have voted this as an effective way to seek support.

We recommend it to use Twitter for support as the conversations on it are public, which increases the chances of your query being solved.

If you don’t want to go public, you can message them on Twitter with the proper description and screenshots; they are likely to respond within two hours. In this way, they are also likely to guide you and provide tailored support.

comcast phone

How to update, upgrade, or cancel your Comcast services?

To Cancel or update Comcast services, schedule a call with Comcast support as they will guide you through the process. To cancel or upgrade your Comcast product or services you can also chat with support executives online or follow the FAQs section of the website.

Or you can visit the nearest Comcast store and upgrade your product or cancel the subscription. Other ways of canceling Comcast product or service is by filling up the cancellation form or sending an e-mail regarding cancellation request including your First name and Last name, service address, account number, and the phone number in it and send it to Comcast.

If you want to upgrade your Comcast services, then you can also call on the Comcast support phone number and call the technician to do so. The technician will make sure that your service is not affected and everything is working fine.

That’s all about the Comcast phone number and details. We hope it helped you! In case you find any of the above information to be inaccurate, please let us know. Also, if you have other Comcast number to contact, let us know that well! We advise you to be patient while asking for support, as there are several queries they have to deal with. So, please cooperate!

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