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Thunderbird Contact Number TFN for Support US, Canada

Thunderbird Contact Number for Support US, Canada

Finding contact support information for Thunderbird Mozilla email client

Best Way to find official Thunderbird Contact number

Earlier sending mail was a time-taking process. Modern methods because of the high pace rise in the digital world then replaced the conventional method of communication. Rather than sending physical letters or sending any personas, people started using digital platforms. The digital era of sending messages created a benchmark in the history of the communication process.

Though the email was invented way back in 1972, it became a thing when AOL, CompuServe, and Prodigy all showed up in the year 1995 and would give users email address. Today, an email address can be freely obtained. Even business communications are done by e-mails. With the increasing demand for e-mails, many types of software took birth to make the process of email communication easier and faster, some of them sustained while some of them failed.

One such client software is Thunderbird – A free and open-source email client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Initially, it was released on December 7th, 2004 and received over 500,000 downloads in its first three days of release. It has features such as Message management, junk filtering, Extensions and themes, Standards support, File formats supported, the big file linking, HTML code insertion, Cross-platform support, Security, and International and localization.

Today, we will discuss Thunderbird contact numbers and ways to contact Thunderbird support in case you need some help or face any trouble using it.

To find help or support from Thunderbird, first, browse its official website, and then click on SUPPORT in the header section. After that, it will redirect you to support where you can search or browse issues you are facing. You can also join the community to learn and discover new ways to use Thunderbird.

In the support page, there are some pre-defined Frequent Support topics mentioned on the page. You can click on the same and get help or search from the support page if you are facing some different issue.

official Thunderbird Contact number
Official Thunderbird Contact number

You can also visit and search for FAQs. Apart from that, you can explore more topics such as Tips and Tricks, Install, Migrate, and Update, Emails, News Feeds, Blogs and Social, Contacts, Calendar, Customize controls, options and add-ons, and Privacy and Security settings.

Top 10 reasons for customers to contact Thunderbird support number

1.    Problems using Thunderbird– Are you facing any difficulty using the Thunderbird for sending mails or are you a new user? You need help and support to know the procedure of setting up the email client and using it. And, if you are a new user, then you need a guide to get started. Consider getting in touch with Thunderbird support for more help!

2.    To know about the security of your mails– Security is considered as the most significant element of any business or official mail. If you think your Thunderbird is not meeting your security expectations, then get in touch with their customer support to know more about security and privacy policy.

3.    To know the procedure of installation, migration, and update- When you are new to any specific software or product, then it is better to collect information on the procedure of installing, migrating or updating the software before getting started. Consider seeking community support to gather information on the step-by-step procedures of how to get started with Thunderbird!

4.    Collect ideas about customizing controls, options, and add-ons– Want to know how to customize controls or want a brief on the diverse options and add-ons of Thunderbird? Then, getting in touch with the experts would be a great option!

5.    To know about additional tips and tricks to use Thunderbird– Thunderbird is quite easy for them to use those who know the exact tips and tricks of using it. Know some helpful tips and tricks of using the email client to make your email sending process seamless! Chat with the support team to know more!

6.    Donate to Thunderbird– If you want to help develop Thunderbird; you can consider donating to help them grow!

7.    To retrieve your password– If you have forgotten the password of your Thunderbird software to access the mail. Call on the Thunderbird support number and restore your password!

8.    Report software issues– Having some unidentified software issues? Then call on customer support or chat with support executives to identify and fix the issue in no time.

9.    To know more about Thunderbird mailing format– Every email software or applications have diverse working functionalities and mailing formats. Get acquainted with how to use Mozilla Thunderbird by simply browsing into the help page or getting in touch by calling on customer support number!

10.    Have any question or suggestion for Thunderbird?– Customer feedback is the focal point of Thunderbird’s business and they strive to provide the best service and work dedicatedly by keeping valuable customer feedbacks in mind. If you have any valuable suggestion or feedback, then you can call on customer support number and share it with them!

Thunderbird support number
Thunderbird support number

What is the best Thunderbird number to contact in the US or Canada?

After a lot of research, we found none best Thunderbird’s support number to contact in the USA or Canada. However, if you are facing any issue while using Thunderbird you can try the other ways to contact them. Being an open-source platform, you can find a plethora of support from the Thunderbird’s community itself.

Thunderbird phone number & other alternative options to find support

No Thunderbird phone number was found so far, however, there are other ways to reach out to them.

For support, get help by browsing the official website and look for the relevant help topics or you can directly e-mail your issues at the official mail ID of the Thunderbird.

You can also live chat with the bots or with customer representatives and ask your questions or doubts. Their team is readily available to answer your queries as well as make you learn more about the email client and ways of using it.

You can also ask your queries to the Thunderbird community by visiting Here, Thunderbird enthusiasts come together to help each other. It’s a place to ask questions, learn, and discover new tips and tricks to use Thunderbird.

If you have been using Thunderbird for a while and think you can help other people in the community, visit Here, you can write helpful articles and share your wisdom with the world. If you enjoy teaching and writing, then this place is for you as you can write, edit, and proofread articles in English.

You simply have to sign up as a volunteer, introduce yourself, and watch all the videos and documentation.

Thunderbird number to contact in the US or Canada
Thunderbird number to contact in the US or Canada

You can also answer questions in the support forums by visiting If you cannot find your language in the help and support section, then you can always translate those articles by visiting and help millions of users in your language.


If you are on Twitter, you can reach out to Thunderbird support using their handle @mozthunderbird! Since the conversations on social media platforms are public, your chances of queries being addressed are quite higher. So, leverage it!

How to update, upgrade, or cancel your Thunderbird services?

Thunderbird is set to automatically update itself, but if you want to update it manually, then go to the Help menu and select About Thunderbird; the About Thunderbird window will open and it will start checking for the latest updates and start downloading them. When the updates will be ready to install, click on Restart Thunderbird to Update.


To upgrade Thunderbird, click on the MENU button and choose OPTIONS. Click on the GENERAL panel. Scroll down and click the UPDATE tab and uncheck the box next to use a background service to install.

What if the Thunderbird software update failed?

Sometimes, Thunderbird may not respond to updates because of several reasons. One of those reasons could be multiple users running the software. If the program is running on a shared computer, then this error occurs. Only one user must be logged in while updating Thunderbird. You can do it easily by restarting your computer and check for updates. If that doesn’t work, try ending all the Thunderbird processes and restart the program.

To end the Thunderbird process on Windows, open task manager, go to Processes tab; look for thunderbird.exe entry in the processes list, and click End Process and Yes in the Task Manager Warning prompt box.

You can also run the Thunderbird update as an Administrator. To do so, go to Windows Start Menu, right-click on Mozilla Thunderbird and select Run as Administrator and Continue.

Uninstalling Thunderbird

If you want to uninstall Thunderbird, then go to Control Panel, under Programs click on Uninstall a Program; look for Mozilla Thunderbird, select it, and click on Uninstall.

Final Verdict

That’s all about the Thunderbird contact numbers and other details, and we hope you find it useful. Although there is no contact number of the email client, being open-source software, its community is always ready to help you. In case you find any of the above information to be incorrect, please let us know. Also, if you find any Thunderbird phone number, kindly let us know!

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