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Best way to find official Second Life contact number for the US or Canada

second life contact number

The best way to find official Second Life contact number is to visit its official website i.e. and log in using your correct username and password. If you have not yet signed up, then you will see a Sign-Up form, which you need to fill. Don’t worry the membership is free! You can connect with friends, meet new people with voice and text chat, explore thousands of unique 3D locations, and create and design your look. After you are logged in (or signed up) go to the footer section of the site. Here, you will come across headings namely Linden Lab, Sansar, Tilia, Second Life, Connect with Us, and Partner with Us. Under Linden Lab, choose the contact and you will be redirected to Linden Lab contact page.

Before you know the ways to contact the Second Life, it’s important to know something about the company; it is an online game based on a virtual world developed by the San-Francisco-based Linden Lab company. It was launched on 23rd June 2003. This game gives you an experience of living a second life that is virtually made, where you can interact with places, objects, and other people called avatars. You can explore the world, socialize, take part, build, create, shop, and trade with one another. The most interesting part of the game is that it has its virtual currency, Linden Dollar, which is exchangeable with the real-world currency.

Coming back to the Second Life contact number; +1 (415) 243-9000 is their Linden Lab Headquarters number that is based in San Francisco. Other Second Life number to contact in the US or Canada are also there which we will cover in this article.

Top 10 reasons for customers to contact the Second Life support number

second life support

Second Life has always tried to meet its user’s expectations. Still, sometimes, some problems may arise for which you need to contact the Second Life support number. In this section, we will look at the reasons to contact its support team.

  1. Billing: If you are facing some billing issues while upgrading the gaming experience, then call on the Second Life contact number and get it resolved!
  2. Sales: If you have queries regarding sales, then you can contact Second Life’s sales team.
  3. Press: If you want Second Life to feature on press or media or have a need for some content for a press release, you can contact Second Life support number.
  4. Getting Started: If you are new to second life and have questions related to the use of the game, calling Second Life phone number will solve your queries and clear your doubts.
  5. Quick Start: If you are new to the game and need a quick guide on how to play and upgrade, consider reaching Second Life support number.
  6. Submit a support ticket: Sometimes you want your issues to be addressed separately. In such a case, you can raise a ticket or submit a support ticket and get your issue resolved.
  7. Password Reset: If you have forgotten your password and need to reset it, you can do so by contacting Second Life helpline number.
  8. Report a Bug: Found some bug? Then, report it to the development team of Second Life.
  9. Technical Support: Need any technical support? If you are not so technically edged and looking for support, you can call the Second Life support number to get help!
  10. General query: If you have some general or common queries, dialing Second Life contact number can help you out with it.

What is the best Second Life number to contact in the US or Canada?

second life number to contact

The best Second Life number to contact in the USA or Canada is 800-294-1067 or 703-286-6277. This is the number of billing department available from 6 AM to 3 PM PST from Monday to Friday. If you are facing any billing, sales or technical-related issues, then you can call on this number and get your issue resolved. If you are unable to reach the Second Life number to contact, we have listed the alternatives as well in this article.

Second life phone number & other alternative options to find support

second life phone

If you are unable to contact Second Life phone number, then consider trying these alternatives.

Community Chat: Community chat is a place where players come together to help each other and contribute knowledge. To visit community chat, visit You will receive more help here than by calling on Second Life Phone number.

Forums: Second Life Forum is like community chat, but here you can ask questions, you can start a discussion, share your experience, and help others as well.

Knowledge Base: Second Life’s knowledgebase can save you a lot of time. Search for the query in the search box and you will be given links to the solutions. If you find them helpful, you can mark them as helpful and not if it is not so. Click to visit its knowledge base!

Social Media: What could be better than getting your issue resolved instantly through social media? The power of social media is such that it can make or break a company’s reputation. Tag them on social media with your queries and get your issue resolved!

Second Life Blogs: Second Life blogs are the best way to gain knowledge. Subscribe to its blog and read what it offers. Visit for its blog!

Second Life Video Library: If you want video support, then you can check out the Second Life video library where you can look at tons of sorted videos featuring tips, tricks, and tutorials. Visit to access video library!

How to update, upgrade, or cancel your Second Life services?

Second Life will perform at its best when it is updated regularly. You also get a better gaming experience if you update the game.

To update, click on, and you will be redirected to the downloads page where you will come across the latest version of Second Life. Download, install and it will get updated automatically.

If you want to upgrade to the Second Life premium, then you must visit Here, you can go premium and enjoy elite benefits as a premium member. Click on UPGRADE NOW and follow the instructions.

What are the benefits of upgrading to Second Life Premium?

Once you upgrade to the premium you get weekly $300 Linden stipend. You also get $1000 Linden sign-up bonus if you are subscribing to the premium for the first time. You get priority entry when regions are full of avatars. Apart from that, you receive 1024m2 tier allotments for using a Linden Home or a parcel on the mainland.

Coming to support, premium users get expanded live-chat customer support where you can get your query resolved instantly! You can also avail premium virtual gifts, exclusive access to premium areas and experiences, increased cap on missed IMs, increased group membership limits, and voice morphing.

You will get three types of premium membership options namely Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly with pricing $8.25 per month, $10.99 per month, and $11.99 per month respectively. For more support on premium membership, visit

Downgrading premium membership

If you want to downgrade your premium membership to the basic membership, you need to log into the Second Life official website using the credentials. Select Premium Membership on the left side of the screen and then Change Membership Plan screen will appear showing a chart related to Membership Plans and prices. After that, select Basic Account and click on Save Changes. From your next billing date, your new plan will get activated.

It is to be noted that after downgrading, you will lose all the land and will no longer have access to the Linden dollar stipend and live chat support. It is advised to sell all your land before you cancel! If you want, you can also check your group land contributions and make the necessary arrangements and keep your group’s land possessions in a good position.

Canceling your account

After cancellation of the account, it becomes deactivated and you are likely to lose access to it from your next billing review date. At some point in the future, to replay Second Life, you can leave it active with a basic membership at no cost.

If you have decided to cancel your membership, then go to the Delete Account Page by visiting and log in using your Second Life username and password. You can also access the same link through your Account section on the left side of your Dashboard.

After the successful login, select the suitable reason to delete your account and click on the Cancel Account button at the bottom of the page. It is to be noted that, once you cancel your Second Life account, it remains active until the end of your payment period.

That’s all about the Second Life phone number and other support options. We hope it might help you and in case you find any of the above information to be incorrect, please let us know! Also, if you have other Second Life number to contact, please let us know!

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