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DELL Contact Number TFN for Support US, Canada

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The article is about the Dell support number and we hope it helps you to find assistance. In case you find the above information to be incorrect, let us know! Also, if you have better ways to connect with Dell Support, kindly let us know that as well!

Finding support contact for Dell & it’s related products like printers, laptops & desktops

The best way to find official DELL printer contact number for the US or Canada

You can visit the official website of DELL and at the header, you will find options such as Products, Solutions, Services, Deals, Support, and Financing. Here, click on SUPPORT, where you will come across many options like View all Support, Product Support, Knowledgebase, Warranty & contracts, Service requests, Order support, and Contact us. You can go with any option that relates your issue. If your issue is not similar to the menu options, click on Contact Us which redirects you to official Customer Support Page of DELL.

Before you know more about Dell support, it is important to know something about the company. Dell is a US-based computer technology company that manufactures computer and computer-related products and services. It was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell and is headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, US.

Coming to the Dell contact number, its customer service number is 1800 425 2067. You can also enter your service tag, serial number, service request number, model, or keyword to find your product or service. If you are unable to find your service tag number, it’s in the bottom of your laptop or at the back of the CPU. You can also click on Detect PC and the browser will fetch the system information.

DELL support number
Frequent reasons to contact Dell support number

The top 10 reasons for customers to contact DELL printer support number

1.    Pre-Sales query: Pre-sales query is the major section where a customer gets oriented with the product before purchasing it. Most of us go for pre-sales research to know about the product and its features. Calling on customer support number, you get the needed assistance about your requirements and the customer representatives help you to solve your queries!

2.    Technical support: If your Dell computer is not running properly then you need to troubleshoot it. You can fix issues with your DELL or DELL EMC product by calling on Customer support number. Otherwise, you can navigate through the official website, and then identify your system to see all available contact options according to your needs. 

3.    Online Support: DELL EMC Support Site helps you to fix your issue regarding online support functions. Issues related to login assistance or access to sites and assets installed is fixed here!

4.    Order support– This section of customer support helps you if you have ordered from official DELL website. Here, you can ask questions related to your order status, the exact location of your order, when you will get your order delivered, invoices and other order related queries. 

5.    Dell Premier– If you have a big company with many computer systems, then DELL provides you with a separate platform! DELL premier section of support helps your Big Company with instant technician visit or Technical support calls! 

6.   Warranty issues– Many of us forget the date of purchase and even lose the invoice or warranty card of the product. In such circumstances, when a computer encounters any type of issues and you are unsure whether your system is covered under warranty! Call on the customer support number, provide them your product details and they are likely to give you details about the warranty status of your product!

7.    Service request– If you want your Dell computer serviced or you have to place a service request, you can call on the customer support number and request for service. They will arrange a Technician visit to your desired location who can fix your issues. 

8.    To locate authorized service center– If you are unable to find Authorized Service Center of DELL near you! Calling on Customer Support number can help you out to find the best service center nearest to you!

9.    How to book your order– If you cannot order online or want support while ordering online. DELL customer support can help you with ordering online by guiding you throughout the procedure. 

10.    Issues regarding upgrades- If you are facing difficulties with how to update your system to the latest version of Operating System, then get-in-touch with Customer support Center and get your queries cleared!

DELL number to contact
Best Dell number to contact in US & Canada

What is the best DELL printer number to contact in the US or Canada?

The best Dell number to contact in the US or Canada is +1 800-387-5757. It is the best toll-free number that instantly gets you connected to the Customer Support representative instantly. This number is open 24/7 for all cherished customers of DELL!

Second best Dell number to contact in the US or Canada is 800-999-3355. Its current wait time is 17 minutes; 6 minutes on average. This number is open 24/7 and the ideal time to call is 9:15 PM.

DELL phone number & other alternative options to find support

You can contact via live chat, email support, help desk, twitter, Facebook, and Messenger!

In case the above contact details didn’t work for you, alternatively, you can visit, you will come across links namely, Technical Support, Order Support, Sales, International Support Services, Dell Premier, Dell EMC Administrative Chat, Dell EMC Support Site Help, and Partner Support. If you click on Technical Support, you can use Service Requests, Chat, or Phone to get your query resolved. Also, you can find general phone numbers by scrolling down.

For the support for the deaf, hearing impaired or speech impaired, call 1-877-DELLTTY. If you are a home user and are a part of Premium Support and Premium Support Plus, call on 1-800-624-9896. If you are a home user and your product is under warranty, then call on 1-800-624-9896. For Alienware support, call on 1-800-254-3692!

In case your product is out of warranty, you can call on 1-800-288-4410 and 1-866-795-5597 for software support. If you are facing issues with Dell Monitor, then call for Monitor Support at 1-866-618-2044. If you are using Dell mobile devices and need support regarding the same, call on 1-800-308-3355!

Business users

If you are a small business unit with 1-499 employees, call 1-800-822-8965 for basic support. For large enterprise and public sector basic support, call on 1-800-456-3355. If you want ProSupport contracts, then dial 1-855-305-9057.

Interactive Support Agent

Dell has its Interactive support agent where you can get a guide for your common tech issues. It’s identical to Chat support system where-in you have to enter your query such as “My Laptop has no sound” and then the system will reply with several related links. Click on the one that seems perfect!

Dell Community

You can also join the Dell community where people like you come together to help each other and contribute. In the Dell community, you can discuss on forums, ask questions, give answers, and more. Visit the Dell community at! If you are a Dell EMC customer, then also you can use the same community!

Live Chat

You can also chat with Dell customer representatives by clicking on where you can chat with the Dell support on the other side and get your issues resolved.


If you want to solve your issue over the email, you can drop a mail at [email protected]. It is advised to send your service tag number along with described issue. They usually reply within 3 hours and are open 24/7.


If you are a social media enthusiast, then, Twitter is too! Dell Support is on Twitter and can be tagged with the handle @DellCares.

Twitter conversations are public and your query is likely to solve sooner on Twitter. So, give it a try!


You can also reach Dell Support on Facebook at Here, you can describe your issue and the Dell support team on Facebook will get back to you. As conversations on Facebook are public, you can expect better support from Dell. You can also use Messenger and chat with the Dell experts and get your query resolved!

While expecting support from Dell, we advise you to be patient enough and describe your issue or complaint crisply for better support experience!

How to update, upgrade or cancel your DELL services?

upgrade, update & cancelling Dell printer services
Updating, upgrading & cancelling Dell services

Any device runs on firmware which needs to be updated for better performance and security. Make sure to update your Dell computer drivers every now and then. To update your Dell product, go to Support, then click on the Get Drivers and Download tile, click Run Now, click INSTALL, and then click on FINISH. If an update requires RESTART, then click RESTART NOW to restart the system. To cancel your DELL product or services call now at DELL customer support number or navigate through the website by clicking on contact us.

Other than that, it is also recommended to update your OS for better functionality, support, and better security.

That’s all about the Dell support number and details and we hope it helped you. In case you find the above information to be incorrect, let us know! Also, if you have better ways to connect with Dell Support, kindly let us know that as well!

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