Computer Software

Computer Software

Every computer needs a computer software to process the function you want it to perform. Moreover, each task finished by your computer needs one or more computer software to finish. For example, to run an audio file, you need a computer application that can help you translate the bits and data into the audible sound. Similarly, to see a video on your computer, you will need a computer software that can translate both video and audio information for a human to understand.

There many such examples of the computer software. The operating system, antivirus and social media applications we use are also the computer software. Also, we all face issues while using these applications on our devices. The software gets buggy after a while this is why it needs a constant update. But there are other issues that one might not be able to handle on their own. For such issue,s you need technical assistance.

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Common Issues

  • My computer is too slow
  • Machine keeps restarting
  • The application won’t install
  • Abnormal Behaviour of Certain Application
  • Operating System Crashed
  • Blue Screen on the display or monitor

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