Canon Printer Error 5b00

Error code 5b00 is a very common issue that occurs very frequently on Canon printers. While you turn it on and try to print a document, you will first notice that the printer normally boots.

Nevertheless, it is no longer possible to print or scan a text. The light starts blinking green and orange a couple of times in a row, but be sure this article will help you out. Canon error 5b00 normally suggests a condition where the user is unable to print due to incorrect use of the ink cartridge.

In the following section, we have provided some of the best possible solutions to the problem. Just make sure you follow them carefully to avoid causing any other problems.

canon error 5b00

How will I do if I get a 5b00 canon error?

1. Restore the waste ink counter

Restore the waste ink counter

  • First, unplug the printer’s power and USB cables.
  • Open the door of the cartridge and push the Power button.
  • Keep holding the Power button when plugging the power cord into the wall socket.
  • Keep the Power button on hold until the printer starts to reset.
  • When all the lights are on, you can unlock them.
  • Wait for the green light to turn off.
  • Click and release the Power button twice easily.
  • The green light is expected to pulse for a few seconds and then calm.
  • Feel free to close the cartridge door and start printing it again.

The 5b00 error is often caused by ink spills on the printer. The same applies to a full ink absorber or a half ink absorber so that the ink absorber is reset. You may actually use this quick fix to clear out a number of error codes that may appear when the printer is turned on.

2. Manually clean the ink pad

Pad of waste ink

  1. Open the compartment of the ink cartridge. Based on the Canon printer model you use, this compartment can be in the front or back of the unit.
  2. Wait for the ink cartridges to travel all the way.
  3. Next up, remove the power cord of the printer.
  4. There’s a row of white rollers behind the cartridge. Check for a tiny square below the roller, which looks like a foam pad.
  5. You need to extract the waste ink absorber by pushing it gently onto the rubber frame.
  6. Wash it with a paper towel. Try to collect all the paper towel waste.
  7. Put all of the cartridges back in their place.
  8. Reinstall the picture in the printer.
  9. Now you can press and hold the Power button and reconnect the power cable.
  10. Press the button when the printer comes on.
  11. Wait five seconds and press the Power button again. It resets the internal memory of the printer and overrides the 5b00 error code.
  12. If the problem continues, you should take the above steps to resolve it. When these waste ink pads are saturated, the printer will notify you of an error message like yours. Don’t worry as a manual cleaner also acts like a charm.
  13. You may also use a bucket of soapy water. Just be sure to let the waste ink absorber soak long enough for the ink to release before you reassemble the foam pads and add the waste ink.
canon 5b00 error

Certain possible options for

  • If the print head is not clean, this may often lead to this error. Check your print head properly to make sure it’s clean, too.
  • Also, test the system’s ink amount. If the ink level is low, you have no option but to fill it to the maximum capacity.
  • Start the troubleshooting cycle by resetting the printer to the factory settings.
  • These are a few remedies that could fix canon mx340 error 5b00. Apply the above steps and let us know if they were working for you, too.

Canon Printer Reset

  • In case you are still facing the problem, you need to reset the printer to the factory settings. You need to run and install the Canon 5b00 error Service Tools software.

Run As Administrator

  • And go to the “EEPROM” tab and click on the EEPROM status before you start the reset process on your printer. You will be asked about the paper source tray, by default it will be set to “ tray,” leave it as it is, and a message that says “Task is done” will appear on your computer screen.

Set the settings of the canon

  • Now, you need to uninstall the printer. On the test ink counter, select “Center” and then press the Settings button. Then the printer reset process will start running and take a few seconds.

Reset the printer

  1. While the LED printer is running, it keeps flashing. If the LED light starts blinking, this means that the printer has been successfully reset.
  2. Once the “Reset process” has been completed, press the “EEPROM status” button again and the EEPROM status printing process will take a few moments to complete and will be finished when the Power lamp stops blinking. After that click on Pro and then choose Data to save the “Save” option. Test this by using the software and you can see that the EEPROM printer is already back to 0 percent.
  3. You can see the EEPROM status D = 100 percent before the reset process, then the EEPROM status D was transformed to 000.0 percent after the reset process. This is the way the reset
  4. process has been completed. The printer is good to go now, and you can start using the printer as you have always used it. To download Canon Printer Software & Driver You may visit
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