Make Your Work Easier With Canon Printer

In today’s time, printers have become a necessity for many people and there will hardly be anyone who does not use printers today, whether it is personal work or professional people, people use printers today for all things. But many people often think about this question that which printer will prove to be the best for them.

By the way, there are many printers in the market such as HP printer, Brother printer, Epson printer but if you take an expert’s review, then the Canon printer is a great printer that offers a lot of amazing features to all its users. If you want to know about the models of Canon printer, then go through it with the help of the information given below.

Canon Printer Models

BJ SeriesBJC Seriesi SeriesSmartBase SeriesMultiPASS SeriesPIXMA SeriesSELPHY SeriesS Series
Canon BJ-5Canon BJC-50Canon i70MPC190 aka F1010Canon PIXMA iP1000Canon SELPHY DS700Canon S100
Canon BJ-10ECanon BJC-55Canon i80MPC200 aka F20C20Canon PIXMA iP1200Canon SELPHY DS810Canon S200
Canon BJ-10EXCanon BJC-70Canon i250MPC360, MPC370, MPC390C30Canon PIXMA iP1300Canon SELPHY ES1Canon S300
Canon BJ-20Canon BJC-80Canon i450MPC400 aka F30 (based on S600)C50Canon PIXMA iP1500Canon SELPHY ES2Canon S330
Canon BJ-30Canon BJC-85Canon i450XMPC600F aka F50 aka T-Fax 7960C70Canon PIXMA iP1600Canon SELPHY ES3Canon S400
Canon BJ-30vCanon BJC-85WCanon i455F60C75Canon PIXMA iP1700Canon SELPHY ES20Canon S450
Canon BJ-100Canon BJC-210Canon i455XF80C80Canon PIXMA iP1800Canon SELPHY ES30Canon S4500
Canon BJ-130Canon BJC-210SPCanon i470DC100Canon PIXMA iP1980Canon SELPHY ES40Canon S500
Canon BJ-130ECanon BJC-240Canon i475DC530Canon PIXMA iP2000Canon SELPHY CP-10Canon S520
Canon BJ-200Canon BJC-250Canon i550C545Canon PIXMA iP2200Canon SELPHY CP-100Canon S530D
Canon BJ-200ECanon BJC-255SPCanon i550XC550Canon PIXMA iP2500Canon SELPHY CP-200Canon S600
Canon BJ-200EXCanon BJC-600Canon i560C555Canon PIXMA iP2600Canon SELPHY CP-220Canon S630
Canon BJ-220JCCanon BJC-600eCanon i560XC560Canon PIXMA iP2700Canon SELPHY CP-300Canon S750
Canon BJ-220JC IICanon BJC-610Canon i850C635Canon PIXMA iP3000Canon SELPHY CP-330Canon S800
Canon BJ-220JSCanon BJC-620Canon i860C755Canon PIXMA iP3100Canon SELPHY CP400Canon S820
Canon BJ-220JS IICanon BJC-800Canon i865C2500Canon PIXMA iP3300Canon SELPHY CP500Canon S820D
Canon BJ-230Canon BJC-1000Canon i900DC3000Canon PIXMA iP3500Canon SELPHY CP510Canon S830D
Canon BJ-300Canon BJC-2000Canon i905DC3500Canon PIXMA iP3600Canon SELPHY CP520Canon S900
Canon BJ-330Canon BJC-2010Canon i950C5000Canon PIXMA iP4000Canon SELPHY CP530Canon S9000
Canon BJ535PDCanon BJC-2100Canon i960Canon PIXMA iP4000RCanon SELPHY CP600
Canon BJ895PDCanon BJC-2100SPCanon i965Canon PIXMA iP4200Canon SELPHY CP710
Canon BJC-2110Canon i990Canon PIXMA iP4300Canon SELPHY CP720
Canon BJC-3000Canon i6100Canon PIXMA iP4500Canon SELPHY CP730
Canon BJC-4000Canon i6500Canon PIXMA iP4600Canon SELPHY CP740
Canon BJC-4100Canon i9100Canon PIXMA iP4700Canon SELPHY CP750
Canon BJC-4200Canon i9900Canon PIXMA iP4800 (iP4830)Canon SELPHY CP760
Canon BJC-4300Canon i9950Canon PIXMA iP4850Canon SELPHY CP770
Canon BJC-4400Canon 50iCanon PIXMA iP4900 (iP4930)Canon SELPHY CP780
Canon BJC-4550Canon 80iCanon PIXMA iP5000Canon SELPHY CP790
Canon BJC-5000Canon 450iCanon PIXMA iP5200Canon SELPHY CP800
Canon BJC-5100Canon 455iCanon PIXMA iP5200RCanon SELPHY CP810
Canon BJC-5500Canon 470PDCanon PIXMA iP5300Canon SELPHY CP820
Canon BJC-6000Canon 475PDCanon PIXMA iP6000DCanon SELPHY CP900
Canon BJC-6100Canon 550iCanon PIXMA iP6100DCanon SELPHY CP910
Canon BJC-6200Canon 560iCanon PIXMA iP6210DCanon SELPHY CP1000
Canon BJC-6200SCanon 850iCanon PIXMA iP6220DCanon SELPHY CP1200
Canon BJC-6500Canon 860iCanon PIXMA iP6310DCanon SELPHY CP1300
Canon BJC-7000Canon 865RCanon PIXMA iP6320D
Canon BJC-7100Canon 900PDCanon PIXMA iP6600D
Canon BJC-8000Canon 950iCanon PIXMA iP6700D
Canon BJC-8200Canon 960iCanon PIXMA iP7100
Canon BJC-8500Canon 990iCanon PIXMA iP7200 (iP7230)
Canon 6100iCanon PIXMA iP7500
Canon 6500iCanon PIXMA iP8100
Canon 9100iCanon PIXMA iP8500
Canon 9900iCanon PIXMA iP8600

These were the lists of models of all Canon printers, many users have used these printers, so today users consider Canon as a great printer.

But sometimes some users have to face some problems in their Canon printer due to which users are not able to do many of their work. So if you want to know about those problems, then today we will tell you about those problems as well as the solution of those problems. Just read the information below correctly.

#Question | What does error code b200 mean on a canon printer

The dreaded canon printer b200 error on your Canon Printer normally reveals that the head of print has died! Seek any of the following ideas before you go trashing the printer, or buying a new one.

It’s annoying when something significant is to be written, and an error code is popping up. One of Canon’s most feared printer errors is canon printer error b200 which can suggest a potentially disastrous system malfunction. But don’t mess it up immediately. Printers are costly, so you should try a few methods to correct the error before shopping for a new printer.

what does error code b200 mean on a canon printer

How to Correct Error Canon B200

  • You may do many things to try to repair a defective print head and remove the B200 mistake.
  • Check out some of the suggestions below before removing the entire thing.
  • Bring the printer back in. Unplug it and allow at least 30 minutes to disconnect. A strong, long reset helps the printer to cool down before turning the computer back on and restoring it to its proper location.
  • Eliminate any impediments. There is a risk that something is disturbing the connection to the head of the printer. Open the door of the printer and carefully remove the print head, then raise it off the frame. Read it over and see if that solves the problem.
  • Usually, there is a lever at the front of the printer. Click the lever to leave the front of the printer.
  • Clean head of the printer. Using the maintenance options available to the system to run its cleaning process. It is particularly useful when the head of the printer is clogged.
  • Wash the head of the printout manually. Using either pure alcohol or a non-oil-based cleaner on gold contacts in the print eye. Using a microfiber cloth to brush the cleaner onto the eyes, and let it dry before reconnecting completely.
  • The head of the print is very delicate so treat it carefully.
  • Old ink strip can cause anon printer b200 error 5 cartridges. Within the print head can be stuck with a hardened ink. Push it underwater from the hot tap before the water comes out cool. Dab it dry with a towel of paper, then reinsert the head in the printer.
  • Reinstall the drivers on the printer. Find your computer on the official support page for Canon, and follow the driver update directions.
  • Experiment with a new ink cartridge. The B200 error is rarely caused by defective cartridges but it does happen. For this method refer to the user manual for your particular computer.
  • If none of the above methods function, then the error on the B200 is possibly correct. It’s time to buy a new printer.
  • They must be properly washed with either pure alcohol or non-oily purifying solution. When such contacts are dirty, then the B200 error will occur.
  • Canon printer b200 error reset can solve most of the problems. Be very cautious when washing the print head, because the print head is very delicate at the bottom and does not accept rough handling. It displays the actual part of the head of print from which the ink is sprayed. (In between his forefinger and thumb).
  • Only hold it under a tap of hot water and keep the water running through until the water comes out absolutely clean.
  • This will clear any hardened ink that has solidified itself inside of the print eye.
  • By using a hair drier, the print head may be cleaned, or easily dabbed with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.
canon printer error b200

It’s annoying when something significant is to be written, and an error code is popping up. One of Canon’s most feared printer errors is B200 which can suggest a potentially disastrous system malfunction. But don’t mess it up immediately. Printers are costly, so you should try a few methods to correct the error before shopping for a new printer.

Canon Printer Error 5100

The Canon Printer Error Code 5100 notes that ink carriage has a problem. Typically, the carriage of a cartridge is jammed by something at present. So, Error 5100 has to do with a carriage error. It can be resolved usually by using service mode and flushing the heads of the printer when it has a blockage. And if you’re having the very same problem with your Canon Printer, you don’t have to think about that. The blog here will direct very easy steps to exterminate this error code. If the above guidelines are not sufficient for you, you can simply get trustworthy and reliable Canon Help by sitting at home. Doing so will provide a handy remedy.

canon printer error 5100

Quick steps to patch canon printer error 5100

Carefully follow the instructions given below to terminate Canon Printer Error Code 5100 from your Canon printer. Keep your eyes fixed on the points noted:

The Ink Cartridge reset to solve service error 5100 canon printer:

The ink cartridge inside the printer could be the one reason to encounter 5100 problems with the Canon Printer Error code. Improper ink cartridge settlement may prevent the printer from functioning properly and may trigger a 5100 error. To fix this issue, open the printer front panel, and reset the cartridge.

Printer resetting machine:

To solve such an error, it is sometimes necessary to reset the printer, as the problem arises due to the long-term use of the Canon printer. It may also be needed after the printer does heavy work. After a few days, the reset has to be done to keep the printer running properly. Press the Stop button for 5 seconds to resolve this error, and then release it. The printer should be working perfectly now.

service error 5100 canon printer
Clear The Printer Inside The Jammed Paper for canon printer 5100 error:

The issue of paper jamming is a very common problem and this is the one reason why you are confronted with a 5100 error code. And if the Canon Printer Error code 5100 appeared on the computer screen if printing it, then you should realize that the paper gets stuck in the printer. Therefore, just open the printer from the back panel to see if the paper is stuck and if it really is, then immediately remove all the paper that has been jammed.

Clean the graphics strip:

The printing strip inside the printer is a white plastic material that sits above the drive belt. It is transparent and plays an important printing role. So if you get such an error, check that the strip is clean or not. If any ink or dirt is sitting there, then clean it with a soft dry cloth immediately.

canon printer error code 5100

If you have faced the same error message while printing the text, then don’t panic! We have tech-savvy to provide proper Canon Printer help for your related query, available 24/7. So, just place a call as early as possible on the given helpline number and get united with the dexterous engineers.